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Moore standard operating equipment is shipped complete with 16’-0” (not pre-cut) of Moore Polycore cable per LOCKERASKET® for operating over pulleys. The 1/8” Moore cable is manufactured from high quality preformed galvanized steel wire, stranded around a polycore fiber. This unique construction absorbs the high concentration of internal stresses which are formed by the LOCKERBASKET® hoisting action. The cable is designed for 280 pounds working load limit (maximum break strength of 1,400 pounds) and is shipped with cable fittings.
Unit of Measure


Equipment Provided per LOCKERBASKET®

N/A 16'-0"


N/A Galvanized steel

Cable Diameter

N/A 1/8"

Cable Fittings

  • 2 Duplex serving sleeves
    • aluminum
    • used for making cable loops to connect cable to hoisting assembly at one end and LOCKERBASKET® at the other
  • 2 Vinyl sleeve guards
    • provide safety protection for cable ends
  • 2 Galvanized thimbles
    • zinc plated
    • used to form a cable loop at either end of the average 16'-0" run
    • protects the cable from wear caused by abrasion with the spring and locking plate attachments

Design Specifications

  • For operation over pulleys in a standard design.
  • Average 16'-0" (488 cm) ceiling height.
  • 1,400 lbs tensile strength
  • 288 lbs working load

Performance Tests

N/A Manufacturer shall submit, on request, performance tests for operating parts of clothes storage system.


N/A System to be installed in accordance with The Moore Company, Inc.'s details and instructions and all applicable Codes, Regulations and Laws.