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  • moorframe

    MOORFRAME® is a high strength (50,000 psi yield point), cold rolled galvanized steel channel that is prepunched for easy installation of pulleys and locking assembly. MOORFRAME® is designed to support the Moore LOCKERBASKET® System overhead on clear spans up to 10’-0”. This flexibility makes it possible to be used equally well in steel, concrete or wooden structures; and in both flat roof and rigid frame design. MOORFRAME® engineering and framing attachment details are completely covered in our installation instructions.

  • pulley

    Two (2) Moore double swivel eye cable groove pulleys are supplied per LOCKERBASKET® MS-614 or MS-610. The Moore pulley is designed with a 4-3/8” sheave, injection molded from the dimensionally stable and self-lubricating Delrin plastic. The sheave is designed to properly cradle the polycore cable to give it a silent, smooth action. The housing is fabricated from 16-gauge stainless steel with a light chrome finish. The double swivel eye prevents the pulley from binding regardless of the roof pitch or direction the MOORFRAME® runs.

  • polycore-cable

    Moore standard operating equipment is shipped complete with 16’-0” (not pre-cut) of Moore Polycore cable per LOCKERASKET® for operating over pulleys. The 1/8” Moore cable is manufactured from high quality preformed galvanized steel wire, stranded around a polycore fiber. This unique construction absorbs the high concentration of internal stresses which are formed by the LOCKERBASKET® hoisting action. The cable is designed for 288 pounds working load limit (maximum break strength of 1,400 pounds) and is shipped with cable fittings.

  • chain-hoisting-assembly

    Each complete LOCKERBASKET® is furnished with 9’-0” of Moore MCO-100 Machine Link Chain and a Locking Plate and swivel sub assembly. This housing assembly is connected to the Moore Polycore cable and is used to raise and lower the LOCKERBASKET®. The wide-profiled surface of the chain provides for a comfortable, secure handgrip for operating LOCKERBASKETS®. An Anchor Hook is designed to fit through the Locking Plate when the basket has been raised and secured in place with a padlock.

  • cushion-spring-assembly

    The Cushion Spring Assembly is designed to absorb 125 foot pounds and comes complete with connecting links. Two spring links are required per cushion spring, and they are fabricated from annealed spring wire, which is hardened, tempered and galvanized after fabrication. The Cushion Spring Assembly also includes a vinyl spring cover.


    The ideal Clothes Storage Unit – the clothing is suspended full length below the basket exposing it to circulating fresh air. Clothing hangs below the basket allowing the unit to be near level. LOCKERBASKETS® are furnished with six hooks and come complete with guide bolts, vinyl cushion tipped clothes hooks and a coat hanger. Hook bales are positioned under the basket to maximize storage area. The entire unit is epoxy coated after fabrication.

  • single-pedistal

    Prefabricated locking rail bench support units are available in single or double bench styles and are designed to accommodate MOORFRAME® locking rail and Moore ALUMIBENCH®. Locking rail support posts are fabricated from 2” x 2” tube steel, capped, drilled and threaded to receive a locking rail anchor bolt. Bench support pedestals are fabricated from 3” x 1/4” steel and prepunched for quick assembly. Individual pedestals are also available for use with ALUMIBENCH® where bench will be installed in a free standing configuration. All pedestals are provided with two (2) hold down clips for attaching ALUMIBENCH®. All parts are hot dipped galvanized for superior rust protection.

  • alumibench

    Fabricated from heavy extruded striated aluminum, in satin anodized finish, ALUMIBENCH® is 9-1/2” wide x 1-3/4” deep with integral reinforcing ribs. It is designed to span 6’-0” between supports with carry capacity of 200 pounds per lineal foot. Furnished in standard 12’-0” lengths. Complete with aluminum caps for ends of bench rows, sections may be joined at pedestals to give long continuous runs. The ALUMIBENCH® provides warm, comfortable changeroom seating.

  • Descent Control Device

    The Descent Control Device (DCD) enhances the safety and reliability of the LOCKERBASKET® System by automatically arresting a falling basket in the event the operator loses control of the hoisting chain or a malfunction in the equipment occurs. It is easily installed in new or existing changerooms. It comes with a factory attached steel coupler designed to assist in the proper installation and prevent unintentional removal after installation. The dual braking system minimizes ratcheting that occurs in some descent control devices through dissipation of energy in the secondary friction brake system after the primary brake has been activated. The locking mechanism will not activate when the basket is safely lowered. Should the locking mechanism engage, it will remain locked until the tension on the device is relieved by the operator. The DCD is also calibrated to allow an empty basket ot be lowered to proper operating heights.