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Fabricated from heavy extruded striated aluminum, in satin anodized finish, ALUMIBENCH® is 9-1/2” wide x 1-3/4” deep with integral reinforcing ribs. It is designed to span 6’-0” between supports with carry capacity of 200 pounds per lineal foot. Furnished in standard 12’-0” lengths. Complete with aluminum caps for ends of bench rows, sections may be joined at pedestals to give long continuous runs. The ALUMIBENCH® provides warm, comfortable changeroom seating.
Unit of Measure



N/A 9-1/2"

Side Rail Height

N/A 1-3/4"


N/A 200 pounds per lineal foot

Shipping Length

N/A 12'-0"


  • Includes hold down clips and bolts.
  • Complete with bench end caps (please advise the number of bench end caps required).
  • Reinforcing ribs


N/A Pedestal supports every 6'-0" or increments thereof.

Performance Tests

N/A Manufacturer shall submit, on request, performance tests for operating parts of clothes storage system.


N/A System to be installed in accordance with The Moore Company, Inc.'s details and instructions and all applicable Codes, Regulations and Laws.