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The Cushion Spring Assembly is designed to absorb 125 foot pounds and comes complete with connecting links. Two spring links are required per cushion spring, and they are fabricated from annealed spring wire, which is hardened, tempered and galvanized after fabrication. The Cushion Spring Assembly also includes a vinyl spring cover.
Unit of Measure


Equipment Provided per LOCKERBASKET®

  • 1 cushion spring
  • 1 vinyl spring cover
  • 2 connecting links


N/A Fabricated from preplated, hard drawn medium based spring wire.

Design Specifications

N/A Designed to absorb 125 lbs.

Performance Tests

N/A Manufacturer shall submit, on request, performance tests for operating parts of clothes storage system.


N/A System to be installed in accordance with The Moore Company, Inc.'s details and instructions and all applicable Codes, Regulations and Laws.