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Each complete LOCKERBASKET® is furnished with 9’-0” of Moore MCO-100 Machine Link Chain and a Locking Plate and swivel sub assembly. This housing assembly is connected to the Moore Polycore cable and is used to raise and lower the LOCKERBASKET®. The wide-profiled surface of the chain provides for a comfortable, secure handgrip for operating LOCKERBASKETS®. When the basket has been raised the locking plate fits over the Anchor Hook and is secured in place with a padlock.
Unit of Measure


Equipment Provided per LOCKERBASKET®

N/A 1 (with retainer disc, locking nut, and spacers)

Locking Bolt Diameter

N/A 5/16"


N/A Zinc plated after fabrication.

Standard Spacing

N/A Every 2'-0" on locking rails.


N/A Includes locking bolt, retainer disc and hex nut.

Performance Tests

N/A Manufacturer shall submit, on request, performance tests for operating parts of clothes storage system.


N/A System to be installed in accordance with The Moore Company, Inc.'s details and instructions and all applicable Codes, Regulations and Laws.


N/A Unless otherwise specified, the numbering on the adhesive labels will begin with 1 and continue successively to the amount equal to the number of LOCKERBASKETS® ordered. Please inform us if a different number sequence is desired.