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  • 100% Ventilated Clothes Storage
  • Sanitary
  • Complete and Fully Integrated System
  • 40% Reduction in Changeroom Building Costs
  • Bright, Open Changeroom
  • 85% Open Floor Area
  • Lower Clean-up Costs
  • Pilfer Proof
  • Visual Inspection
Unit of Measure


Fully Integrated System

N/A The Moore overhead LOCKERBASKET® storage system is shipped complete with necessary pulley support channels, standard operating equipment, bench, bench support system and LOCKERBASKETS®. This integrated system is easily and economically installed in industrial buildings. By utilizing the complete, integrated system approach, savings of up to 40% are realized in labor, material and floor area.

100% Ventilated Clothes Storage

N/A The Moore LOCKERBASKET® System stores employee clothing and personal effects safely and securely overhead in a corridor of moving air, inhibiting growth of odor causing bacteria and promoting quicker aeration of clothing. LOCKERBASKETS® are designed to allow clothing to hang full length to maximize garment surface exposure.

LOCKERBASKETS® eliminate employee complaints and unrest caused by odors and the discomfort from damp clothing stored in confined lockers.

Saving Space - Enhancing Security

N/A LOCKERBASKETS® store clothes overhead out of reach of prying hands, enhancing security for employees’ personal belongings. The use of open changeroom construction eliminates hidden aisles, discourages forced entry into individual LOCKERBASKETS® and the storing and dispersing of contraband on company property.

The fully integrated operating assembly of the Moore chain, locking plate and polycore cable provides safe and secure clothes storage system for your employees.

Reduces Changeroom Building and Maintenance Costs

N/A LOCKERBASKET® System using otherwise wasted overhead space, reduces floor area requirements by up to 40%, provides a bright open room, improves traffic flow and eliminates crowding and congestion. In turn, it yields a drastic reduction in changeroom costs.

Each Unit Includes


N/A 1 wire basket and hanger

Moore Chain Hoisting Assembly

N/A 1 (9'-0" section of Moore Machine Link Chain, Locking Swivel Unit, and Quick Link)

Cushion Spring Assembly

N/A 1 (with vinyl spring cover)

Dual Swivel Eye Pulleys

N/A 2 (with "U" bolts for attaching to overhead MOORFRAME®)

MOORFRAME® Steel Channel

N/A 4'-0"

Anchor Hook

N/A 1 (with hook bolt, retainer disc, and locking nut)

Adhesive Number Label

N/A 1

Moore Polycore Cable

N/A 16'-0"


N/A Furnish one (1) master keyed Moore six slide tumbler padlock per LOCKERBASKET®.

Complete LOCKERBASKET® System Includes


  • Single or Double locking rail bench support units and ALUMIBENCH® in quantities as called for by the changeroom layout.
  • Compression tool and cable cutter for cable assembly. One each is provided free for orders over 50 units.


Roof Load

N/A Roof structure must be designed by a design professional to withstand an 10 psf uniform load caused by loaded LOCKERBASKET® in addition to roof loads determined from appropriate building codes and local conditions. The design professional must also separately consider the point loads caused by the reaction of the collector rail. Each LOCKERBASKET® load must be limited to 30 pounds.

N/A System to be installed in accordance with The Moore Company, Inc.'s details and instructions and all applicable Codes, Regulations and Laws.



  • Materials for connecting overhead supports to structural frame and bench support pedestals to floor are supplied by others.
  • The Moore Company, Inc. may substitute components of similar or greater quality.
  • The Moore Company, Inc. has no responsibility for products supplied by others or for changes, substitutions, deletions or of the modifications to the LOCKERBASKET® system or for any installation or maintenance not in accordance with The Moore Company, Inc.’s Specifications, Installation Instructions, Use and Maintenance Instructions and bulletins.
  • Owner and its design professionals and installers bear all responsibility for the proper installation use and maintenance of The Moore Company, Inc. LOCKERBASKET® clothes storage system in accordance with Specifications, Installation Instructions, Use and Maintenance Instructions and bulletins, and al applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and codes.
  • Owner and its design professionals and installers are responsible for insuraing that the structure is properly designed and constructed for The Moore Company, Inc.LOCKERBASKET® overhead clothes storage system.